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Review: Real Marriage DVD Study Guide

Posted By on March 27, 2012

Several months ago I received the Real Marriage DVD and group discussion guide that accompanies the book by the same name written by Mark and Grace Driscoll.  The video curriculum has eleven discussions, one that compliments each chapter of the book.

My wife and I used the DVD and guide to lead a two month marriage series with our young couples’s small group.  I was the only one in the group who read the book during the period of our discussions but that did not seem to hinder the discussion.  There was enough content in the 15 minute video clips and discussion guides for the twelve of us to have productive conversations about various aspects of our marriages.

In four sessions we chose to cover the chapters on friendship, commitment, repentance, and a guys and girls separated session on our distinct challenges and responsibilities in the relationship.  Most of the stories told by the Driscolls were difficult to relate to young couples without kids.  Some of the discussion questions were simplistic and did not generate complex discussion.  Also, some of the chapters we chose not to discuss were repetitive and discussed sex in such depth that not everyone may have felt comfortable sharing in a group setting.

Overall, I think this material was beneficial for our group.  There was certainly some good discussion and things learned by our group.  I think discussing our marriages in detailed and personal ways also brought our group closer together.  I would recommend this content for almost any married group that would like to discuss their marriages in the company of other couples who could hold them accountable for healthy relationships.  There is also some content included for singles so they would not feel excluded from the discussions.  However, the group leader(s) may want to sift through the material as we did and select the most applicable topics as eleven sessions could cause people to loose interest.



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