journal entries from an emerging follower of Christ

Giving Jar

| December 7, 2012

My wife and I recently decided to become more generous and intentional in our giving.  In addition to giving to churches and charities, we wanted to be intentional about giving to random needs.  It’s a good idea to have ‘play money’ above your budget so you can occasionally splurge or reward yourself.  Katy and I [...]


Christian Entitlement

| June 27, 2012

Something I have noticed in myself in the past, and something I believe many Christians possess today, is a sense of religious entitlement.  Because we are Christians we think ourselves to be the ones who are in the “right.”  We wouldn’t necessarily say we are better than anyone else, but we are the group that [...]


God’s Will For Us

| May 15, 2012

In Christianity there is a lot of talk about discovering and doing God’s will for our personal lives.  We put a lot of emphasis on the fact that God created each of us as individual, unique beings with a specific plan and purpose for each of our lives.  Though I believe there is truth behind [...]


My Top Posts Of The Year

| December 31, 2011

As 2011 comes to a close I wanted to recap what have been my most popular posts of the year.  Based on blog comments, emails, tweets, and personal feedback I rate the following as my top three posts of the year (listed in reverse order). 3. Fox News, Jon Stewart, And The Poor – I [...]


Jesus, The Poor And Me

| August 30, 2011

Last week I introduced a video clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in which he shows Fox News reporters and guests blaming America’s poor for our economic problems.  I got comments, emails, and tweets about the post, most of which were surprisingly approving of the clip and my comments about it.  However, I [...]


Fox News, Jon Stewart And The Poor

| August 26, 2011

I try to avoid getting political on this blog as posting about politics has caused conflict in the past. However, the following is something I feel deeply burdened to address. Since watching the August 18th episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart I have been unable to get the following video clip out of [...]