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I Really Worshiped

Posted By on April 21, 2010

I entered church last Sunday no different than any other week, though I normally go on Thursdays now.  Katy and I found some friends, found our seats, and sat down.  When the music started I stood up and began to sing……..and that’s when it happened.

During the first song I began to sense an atmosphere of real worship.  I looked around to see many who through their posture or facial expressions seemed to be showing earnestness and abandonment.  I had to quit singing as I choked up and my throat became sore at the thought of the individual lives that God had touched and the people our church had impacted which was now resulting in many gathering to worship.

At the second song for some reason my mind strayed and I found myself reflecting on funny moments and good memories in my relationship with Katy that will in a few days result in our marriage.  I smiled and chuckled out loud as these thoughts screened through my mind.  I almost caught myself, wanting to think it was inappropriate for me to be thinking about her in a service about God but felt a peace as I realized I was worshiping.  My thoughts were causing me to experience joy and gratitude over a blessing God has provided me and I bowed to thank Him.

Finally I raised my head again to sing and found myself in the middle of a crowd that was predominantly my peers – people in their twenties.  I thought about how growing up in church and at Bible college I was prepared with the “facts” that after high school the majority of young people will leave church.  Yet I looked around and got goose bumps as I saw hundreds of young people, some with tattoos, long hair, and all with non-traditional church clothes, worshiping God.  Some were clapping, some were raising their hands, but most were engaged in what was going on.  My eyes gazed across a young man I know does not like the music or style of our church but returns because he has said we are the only place that has reached out to him and made it easy for him to connect.

I was unable to sing for most of the service, but I felt like I worshipped in a way I have not done in a long time.  I left the service with more appreciation for my blessings on earth and more in awe of what God is doing in those around me.  Being lost in worship I found myself secure in who God is and thankful for how He’s working in others, rather than jealous.

I had not “prepared my heart” for worship that morning, but apparently I came in a position that allowed me to hear from God.  May we continually live in a place where we can hear from God, because you never know when He may choose to take a routine moment and turn it into a time of true worship.



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